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Customized plans for return to work


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Comprehensive solutions to manage the prevention of outbreaks, meet regulatory requirements, and strategies to enhance client and employee safety.


Infection Prevention organized by experts so you can get back to running your business 

Businesses need: ​

  • Dedicated, on call experienced infection preventionists

  • Business friendly, tailored infection prevention plans to help return to work and remain open

  • ​Interpretation and customized implementation of guidelines from CDC, OSHA, and local authorities

  • Comprehensive, detailed risk assessment all aspects of the business (policies, physical space, staffing, flow, etc.)

  • Optimization of the office environment to minimize viral transmission

  • Evidence based mitigation strategies, outbreak management

  • Webinars and training modules 

  • Experienced team to coordinate and advocate for partners with city, county and state health officials

  • Screenings, questionnaires and policies around safe return to work, testing and cohorting (grouping of staff)

Working with Capsid

Following guidance is necessary to open and stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Capsid Consulting synthesizes all the infection prevention guidelines and requirements into a location specific, customized infection prevention plan that ensures compliance, safety and success. 

Capsid's Infection Prevention specialists know what problems need to be addressed, where to look and with whom to communicate so that business can focus on their industry and what they do best.  

Virtual walk-throughs are an excellent, highly effective option to shorten turnaround times for office assessments. 


Addressing the entirety of business operations from air exchanges, disinfectant solutions, cohorted staff, to employee travel can mean the difference between a multiple COVID-19 related closures and remaining open


Amazon will spend $4 billion in Q2 2020 on COVID-19 related measures. This is 25% of a year's normal operating profit. 


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Our mission is to help organizations interpret and customize guidelines to develop and implement a best in class, comprehensive infection prevention program.


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