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Enhance Your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program

Providing a comprehensive solution that easily lets you meet regulatory requirements and realize cost savings.

Why invest in enhancing your Antimicrobial Stewardship Program?

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  • Cost savings by reducing antimicrobial use and reducing complications associated with Antibiotic use.

  • Reducing overall antimicrobial prescribing.

  • Targeted reductions in high cost antibiotics.

  • Decreasing quinolone use in accordance with FDA guidance.

  • Reduction of adverse drug events due to antibiotics.

  • Avoidance of C-difficile infections​​.

  • Accountability, we set standards for antibiotic prescribing practices for all clinical providers delivering care in your facility.

  • Inform strategies on appropriate antibiotic use.

  • Drug expertise & active interest in supporting your facilities stewardship efforts.

  • Identify interventions and assist with updated guidelines.

  • Check-ins to reassess the need for ongoing antibiotic therapy.

  • Identify clinical situations that drive inappropriate courses of antibiotics such as asymptomatic bacteria, urinary tract infection prophylaxis and aspiration.


C-diff has been found to cause half a million infections and directly led to approximately 15,000 deaths in one year with an estimated cost of 4.8 billion dollars. 

Source: CDC

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Our mission is to help organizations interpret and customize guidelines to develop and implement a best in class, comprehensive infection prevention program.


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